Cowboy Country Distilling is located near the Wind River Mountain Range, just outside of Pinedale in Southwest Wyoming. This is a place where the spirit of the old west still lives on, from the era of the mountain men to the rugged life of the cowboys that made this ‘cowboy country’.

Thirty years of experience has resulted in our distillery that is a tribute to the rich history of Wyoming and the hard working men and women that have made this country great. The crystal clear water that flows from the snow-capped mountains and glaciers surrounding Pinedale makes this a perfect location for producing quality spirits for Cowboy Country Distilling.

Our handcrafted spirits are distilled, barreled and bottled in our distillery here in Wyoming. Tim, the master distiller, is focused on producing superior spirits. Throughout his years of traveling the world, he has developed unique distilling techniques to create distinctive flavors in his spirits. Get ready for bold flavors with a smooth finish!

Craftsmanship and experience is what set us apart from start to finish. You can appreciate the difference with every sip. One taste is all it takes to bring you over to Cowboy Country!

Photo Courtesy of David Rule Photography