Premium Spirits

Red Roan Raspberry Cordial


Mouth watering raspberries distilled with other natural ingredients makes this cordial more than memorable! The true flavor of raspberries really comes through with  this spirit; not too sweet, not too tart. 

Silver Spur Vodka


Our premium vodka is distilled from corn and filtered through our proprietary system using carbon and pure silver. This results in one of the smoothest, cleanest vodka from anywhere in the world. *Gluten Free*

Silver Spur Jalapeño Bacon Vodka


This incredible, unique spirit begins with our premium Silver Spur Vodka, real jalapeños and bacon.  Using a proprietary process, our master distiller creates the perfect balance of jalapeño and bacon together in one spirit.

Brown Mule Gin


With its mild juniper flavor, Brown Mule Gin is converting non-gin drinkers into gin lovers. Our gin is barrel rested in oak brandy barrels creating a light brown color, a distinctive flavor with a hint of vanilla and a smooth, sweet finish. It is distilled with 9 botanical including Western Juniper Berries and Wyoming Rosehips resulting in a unique, enjoyable spirit.

Rooster Rum


This oak-aged, handcrafted rum is a "French style" agricultural rum. It is distilled from raw Colombian cane sugar. Butterscotch, pineapple, banana, fig and dates are just a few of the 17 complex flavor notes that you will experience. Our premium rum has an unmatched and unbridled flavor you will have to try and believe. 

Gold Spur Whiskey


This throwback, pre-prohibition style whiskey is distilled twice through old fashion pot stills to showcase the earthy, nutty and grassy flavors of the natural grains. Aging in oak barrels brings out light citrus and vanilla notes. The Gold Spur Whiskey is a timeless classic.

Special Reserve Spirits

Special Reserve Gold Spur Whiskey


This product is distilled 3 times and aged in oak barrels to insure smoothness. It has been chosen as the official whiskey of the Cowboy Hall of Fame and winner of the 2019 London Spirits Competition. If you're looking for a whiskey with extraordinary flavors and smoothness, Gold Spur Special Reserve Corn Whiskey is quickly becoming the "talk of the town."

Special Reserve Rooster Rum


Handcrafted in the glacier capped Wind River Mountains of Wyoming, this world-class is produced in artisan small batches using dunder fermentation learned by our distiller in Latin America using dried, raw sugarcane juice. Smooth distinctive, delightful flavor enjoy the Special Reserve Rooster Rum!